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  • What's Google Keep? Think digital post-it notes with reminders and tags.  It syncs between the web browser and phone app (iOS and Android).  It's free.  Really free as in no ads, no nags, no add-on purchases.
  • No more excuses! You can get organized and plan out your tasks (and your life) efficiently with Google Keep. Stop forgetting, stop spinning in circles, start Getting Stuff Done!
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...After hearing a lot of great things about the 'Evernote Essentials guide', I've purchased the pdf and found that there's just way too much information in the guide. The writing is good, but it's just not a good use of time.

I was originally thinking of writing my own version of an Evernote guide, but

1) there are already so many out there and...

2) Evernote recently updated their service such that it only allows syncing notes on TWO devices (unless you pay a monthly fee)...

In the guide, you will learn about:

Your Mindset

You have to choose to be productive.  Even if you don't have strong willpower, you can do it!  You just have to commit.

Categorizing Your Tasks

If you don't categorize your tasks, you are doing things aimlessly and that is not effective.

Setting Habits

Make your notifications work FOR you!  

Create your own reminders (that show up as notifications) to exercise every morning and plan your day every night

... and more

We'll even compare Evernote and Google Keep - spoiler: Keep is not an Evernote replacement.  Keep is good for taking quick notes with little formatting, but it is fast and very easy to use.

Sample content: Creating Good Habits

From the back cover:

When does too much organization become simply too much?

As we grow more dependent on our digital sidekicks and virtual personal assistants, productivity levels and organization can really soar. Google Keep is far and away a leader in the world of highly versatile organization and productivity tools that help users plan their time and keep track of their lives.

If you're up against a wall of what seems like too many new ideas to try out, too much functionality to explore, and simply too many tasks, there is a better way!

Developed using proven strategies that gets you where you need to be and keeps you going, "Keep: Getting Stuff Done" is a concise and focused approach to mastering Google Keep. This quick start guide helps you tackle Google Keep head on and get the absolute most out of it.

Learn the essentials to take control of your life's organization:

- Creating good habits by setting daily reminders (the effective way)

- Categorizing notes for efficient recall

- Clipping links to articles that sync between desktop and mobile devices

Best of all, this instructive guide is presented in plain English and easy-to-follow screenshots, with no unnecessary info – just actionable strategies for getting stuff done.

About the Author: Ambrose Leung

I'm a software tester and engineer for a huge software company (and was a consultant before that) born and raised in Toronto, Canada.  I've created my first website at 13 (this was back in '97) and have just recently created to share not-so-well-known advice with users like yourself.

My tech hobbies are designing/coding web applications and critiquing software for their lack of user-friendliness.  I also like dabbling around with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and video editing, but not that great at it.  I a strong proponent of making things that are helpful to other people.

Currently, I'm enjoying my time with my wife and 2 kids near the sunny city of Seattle (no, it doesn't rain all the time)


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10X your effectiveness in under 45 minutes